Graphic Design

Graphic Design and Pre-Press

We're able to service customers in any aspect of creative development. Often, graphic design is an obstacle for customers who are short on time or without a design staff. We remove such obstacles and create for each customer the critical link needed to complete the picture. We can do a little touch-up work, or start your project from scratch.
With state-of-the-art computers and talented artists, our design team can help you create printed products and presentations that demand attention. Go with the pros and see the difference a well designed piece can make to your organization.

Third Party Files

With the growing popularity of customer supplied digital files and graphics, we are your choice for processing your graphic files and transforming them into printed pages. Our pre-press professionals are experienced with Macintosh and PC platforms and handle the most common graphics programs.

Digital Capture

Colson Printing's digital studio allows scanning of original artwork and images, as well as product photography. In addition, this advanced method of digital scanning assures more accurate color capture, while maintaining all the subtle tones of the original. These advancements in accuracy will also reduce production time.

Soft Proofing Via the Web

A proofing method gaining popularity in the printing industry is "soft proofing" via the internet and email. Software exists which allows fast and easy conversion of a layout file -- complete with fonts and graphic images -- to a format which can be transferred via email and viewed on the recipient's computer monitor. The converted file, tagged as a .PDF (Portable Document Format) file, requires additional software for viewing. The viewing software, known as AdobeĀ® Acrobat® Reader®, is available for free download through Adobe's website.

This popular method of proofing is now offered by Colson Printing, and allows you to view, and in many cases, print copies of the various elements of your print run such as layouts for brochures, booklets and other items. Aside from a small amount of time involved, this proofing method requires little or no material and may allow corrections to be taken care of before more costly proofs are produced.

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